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Gobalsky Labs is a software development company bringing large scale Web3 infrastructure projects to life

What we do

Driven by a vision to create a world where DeFi is better than CeFi, we pour our efforts into projects whose aspirations can bring this to life.

Combining tech expertise and industry-specific knowledge, we create the tools that make a new financial ecosystem possible. Because the future is permissionless, decentralised, and open sourced.

Our projects

Vega Protocol

Our first undertaking gives humanity the chance to step into a new era of finance, where fairness and transparency are guiding principles.

Vega is a standalone, proof-of-stake Layer 1 blockchain that uses Tendermint as its consensus layer, with network architecture optimised for trading derivatives. It's built from the ground-up with trading in mind, using high performing, bespoke smart contracts for trading - meaning no fees on orders, and fairness at its core.


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